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  • Can I join the nomination committee for next year?
    Are you a talent booker, show producer, promoter, manager, agent, editor, or journalist in the industry? Please fill out THIS FORM to be considered for a position on the nominating committee in next year's award shows!
  • When will the winners be announced?
    Winners will be announced live at the awards on January 11th, 2024.
  • How does the voting work?
    - Voting for the winners of each category is solely based on the public vote! The winners will be the nominees that receive the most votes per their respective categories. - You can vote UP TO 5 TIMES! - Feel like we missed anybody? In addition to the five selected nominees, voters also have the option to write in any potential talent to give them the chance to win any category.
  • When does voting open and close?
    Voting will open to the public on October 27th at 10:00 AM and close on December 15th at 11:59 PM.
  • How do I submit a Joke for Joke Of The Year?
    Send a video of you performing your Joke Of The Year to with the subject line "JOTY Submission - FIRST NAME LAST NAME" RULES: - Joke has to have been written and performed live in 2023 in order to be accepted for consideration. - Video must be attached to the email in a .mov or .mp4 file, OR included in the email via a link to a publicly viewable video on Google Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube. - Video has to be less than two minutes. - Submissions will be reviewed by the nomination committee and the five best will be chosen to be played/performed? live at the 2024 BCCAs. - By submitting a joke, you consent to have this material publicly played live at the 2024 BCCAs, should you be nominated. - Failure to follow ANY of these rules will result in the automatic disqualification of your joke for this year's awards, sorry! Best of luck!
  • Who is on the nomination committee?
    As we endeavor to build what we hope to be a long-running annual tradition, our nomination committee currently consists of local industry veterans within the John Tobin Presents, Laugh Boston, and Improv Asylum leadership teams who share a passion for comedy and the development of promising talent. We have a diverse team of dedicated people who collectively have decades of experience in the world of comedy, arts, live performance, and venue operations. We take into account all of their feedback provided throughout 2023 to create the list of nominees that we believe positively reflects the greater Boston Comedy Scene. Should this year’s event prove to receive a positive response from the comedy community, the goal will be to extend invitations to additional voices in the regional comedy industry, regional media, and entertainment correspondents for future nomination committee members.
  • Who is nominated?
    - Comedians, actors, podcasters, staff members, and venues! - We are constantly searching for new potential nominees and categories! Please use our contact page to suggest new talent or nominees!
  • Where do I get tickets? - tickets on sale soon!
  • I’m a nominee, do I get a ticket?
    Yes! Each nomination comes with 2 complimentary tickets. Reserve yours no later than November 15th at 11:59pm by filling out the form sent to your email!
  • Are the BCCAs open to the public?
    Yes! But there are a limited number of seats so get yours fast!
  • When and Where are the awards?
    January 11th, 2024 at 7:00 PM at Laugh Boston located at 425 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210.
  • Origins and Goals
    In 2023, longtime Boston Comedy producer, promoter, and club owner, John Tobin decided to pursue the idea of celebrating greater Boston Comedy and local comedians annually. Tobin saw the need to create more opportunities for the comedy community to get together outside of shows and mics. The goal of the awards is to celebrate, highlight, and promote the many hardworking local comedians, staff, podcasts, and anything comedy-related, in a fun and friendly way! John Tobin Presents hopes to grow this into a staple annual event that shines a spotlight on the bustling Boston and New England comedy scene to industry members and comedy fans nationwide. We take great pride in how funny New England comedians are and want to put them on the pedestal they deserve. In future years we will look to expand the awards with more categories, nominees, and fun!
  • Is there a dress code?
    Not officially, but be red-carpet-ready! ;)
  • What are the BCCAs?
    An evening of awards to celebrate the past, present, and future of Boston Comedy, Comedians, and the Community! Winners of each award category are voted on by the public.
  • Who is invited to attend?
    Comedians, comedy fans, locals, tourists, and anyone who’s excited to celebrate the greater Boston and New England Comedy Community!
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